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This Nation's most results proven program for claiming and achieving your outcome!

Program after program, members successfully achieve their outcome.

  • Create your own adventure
  • Claim your wealth
  • Bring playfulness to life
  • Enrich your relationships
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  • Live life as an adventure

The Lisa Christiansen’s Discovery Process harnesses the art of setting and achieving YOUR outcome, it all begins with the secret of our proven peak performance strategy.

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This method begins one of the most powerful, entertaining and exciting life processes you will ever experience.

Remember when you were a child? … What did you DREAM of ?

What did you WANT to be?... Do you REMEMBER?

What was POSSIBLE?... Did you have limits?

What INSPIRED you?... What were you CURIOUS about?

What made you LAUGH?

What did YOU want to learn?

Who did YOU want to help?... Where did YOU want to go?

What difference were YOU going to make?

If you take a look at YOUR LIFE NOW are YOU living YOUR DREAMS?


"This process helped me challenge many of the beliefs I have made in regards to the level of control I have over my life choices. Lisa has given me many tools with which to build a sound framework and direction for my future."
-Chris Silva, Former SFC U.S. Army

"As a spouse, this gave my husband and I the opportunity to talk about and plan our future together. This process of learning and visualizing sets the systems in place for success. Personally, professionally, and together we have our visions, our plans and our affirmations and we are on our way."
-Melissa Zimmerman

Have you ever wondered if the way you are spending your life is sabotaging your happiness? (this will change your life forever!)

  • Dr. Lisa Christiansen’s Discovery Process provides you a field researched, magic mix of elements designed for members to achieve their outcomes:
  • An Opening and Closing Retreat
  • A six week online course
  • Personal coaching sessions
  • Member facilitated interaction

This program works, and it works for all professions, all cultures, all ages, males and females.

"This program was intense, But if you take action and trust the process, you will be dazzled and grateful." 
Brian McCaskill


Everybody knows how few people actually achieve their goals. Lisa Christiansen’s Discovery Process program’s packages the nation's most effective combination of retreat and online course elements for allowing you to achieve your goals!

Our next program begins with the Opening Retreat, October 30 through November 2, in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is followed by a 6 week user friendly online course and a Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

Become a member of Dr. Lisa Christiansen Companies

  • Become the architect of your life
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life, design it!
  • Claim Your Passion and Own your Future

runnerNo other program offers you this magic mix of program elements, field researched and designed to insure your success in setting and achieving goals

What must you discover for yourself in order to bring joy and fulfillment to your life?

Do you remember the moments that changed your life forever?... another one is coming!

"This has been a challenging but rewarding journey. My single greatest insight has been to realize that I love what I do; I need to harness the beast so I can continue to enjoy the ride! I can and will work on the environment in which I practice so that it too reflects my love for my patients."

Dr. M. Vance, MD

  1. Claim Your Passion begins with a 3 1/2 day retreat held in Scottsdale. Members develope supportive relationships, complete self-discovery assessments and develop inspiring life Visions. You will leave with one of the most exciting documents of your life! 
  2. The Opening Retreat is followed by the nation's most powerful 6 week user-friendly online course. This course is specifically designed to facilitate additional self-discovery and reflection, harnessing the principles of change, and the development of your plan for achieving your goals. 
  3. Throughout the entire 6 weeks, members participate in secure, member only, online dialogues. Your journey will be guided by a one-on-one personal coaching session with one of your Opening Retreat facilitators. 
  4. Your program ends with a Closing Retreat celebration with all 12 members of your program. You have now defined and endorsed your plan for a life of fulfillment! In fact, you have already started to experience and celebrate the life YOU have always wanted.