Design Your Destiny

At Design Your Destiny … YOU Will DISCOVER the new you!

Find Balance And True Joy
In Your Life

Success Without Fulfillment Is Failure


We live in a time of wondrous possibilities and abundant opportunities—but are we consistently experiencing the quality of life we desire? As an achiever, you know that whatever tasks you focus on, you'll realize. But with so many obstacles to overcome, it can be difficult to find balance and true fulfillment in your life.

Rise Above Success

When you can no longer ignore that desire to move your life forward, to truly know the purpose of your life, what steps will you take now to move toward your destiny? The same level of action that has worked up until now can't take you where you ultimately want to be. To achieve an extraordinary quality of life, extraordinary steps must be taken. This event offers advanced guidance that inspires vision to help you uncover exceptional insight and achieve unparalleled results.

Design Your Vision

At Design Your Destiny, you will define your ultimate purpose and massively advance the pace of your success. Incredibly intense and intimate, this six-day event is one of only two programs worldwide where you can experience Lisa Christiansen live and in person. If you consistently require more from yourself than anyone would ever expect of you, if you demand more from those people around you and if you refuse to accept "good enough" and long to connect to that peak emotional and physical state where anything and everything is within reach, Design Your Destiny is not an option—it's a must.

Map Your Path for Greatness

At Design Your Destiny, you'll design the life you deserve and desire, discover the roadblocks that have kept you from living it, learn how to make essential shifts in core areas of your life and condition yourself to consistently follow through with your plans. You'll enjoy rare and intimate access to Lisa Christiansen, the global authority on Leadership Psychology. Lisa gives you the keys to discover the way to extraordinary personal transformation and more joy and happiness than you may have ever thought possible.

Your Journey Begins Now

What if you could find a way to consistently push through those obstacles that are preventing you from living the life you deserve and desire? No matter what your status or level of accomplishment, Design Your Destiny can help you unearth your deepest desires, tap into your full potential and discover your true purpose in life.

 Master Your Emotions

Your emotions drive your decisions and, ultimately, determine your actions. At Design Your Destiny, you'll learn exactly what is driving every decision you make and how to control your emotions and, thus, the quality of your life. You will harness the ability to move from disempowering emotional states to new, conditioned patterns that will positively support you and those you love throughout your lifetime.

Recharge Your Relationships

 Nothing is more important than how we connect to our partner, children and friends. In business situations, the quality of our connections determines our success or failure. At Design Your Destiny, you'll discover how to focus on these essential connections. Lisa Christiansen will share proven strategies for communicating, bonding, resolving conflicts and enhancing experiences. You'll learn how to ignite new connections and spark the flame in your current relationships.

Align Your Values and Beliefs

* Learn to identify your beliefs and understand how they influence every decision you make.
* Discover Power Virtues—courage, determination, faith and compassion. Incorporate them into your life so you can drop your old conditioning and create a brighter, more purposeful future.
*  Master a transformational vocabulary that will provide you with the tools you need to set goals and stick with them.
* Chart an inspiring life path that will add greater depth of meaning to everything you do.
* Learn to stop sabotaging yourself and take inspired action that will guide you to your ultimate goals.


Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your decision to attend is absolutely risk free. If after participating in the first half of any session you decide the event is not right for you, simply notify in writing to a designated official at the program and turn in your notebook and course materials. We will fully refund your tuition for that session. You have nothing to lose, and imagine what you will gain!

This event is being held at the gorgeous Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort & Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Three convenient ways to enjoy your transformational weekend with Dr. Lisa Christiansen: