The Christiansen Code: "Leadership Bible"

Forgiveness is greater than vengeance, compassion more powerful than Anger... Gratitude is the mother of all virtues, to live in gratitude one must live in forgiveness because only forgiveness will set you free. It is through forgiveness that gratitude shows up and when you live in gratitude success is born. As we journey through life there can come times where we lose our way, this seldom comes as an abrupt change because it more often comes as a slow drift until one day we awaken to find ourselves far from the shore. A traveler who has lost his way needs one thing above all else a compass; God provides this to us through his word. God's word always points true north... This is the Christiansen Code because I am just a girl, a child of God who realizes that I fall short of Gods grace everyday and I recognize that God gives it to me out of his amazing grace. I am blessed each day that I awake and choose to share it with all of God's children... ~Lisa Christiansen

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