What is PEAK PERFORMANCE Coaching?


Peak Performance Coaching is a collaborative relationship between you and Dr. Lisa Christiansen to establish your inner peace and outer success. It is a series of fifty minute sessions in one of her offices or on the telephone. The frequency of the sessions will depend on your desired outcomes, level of commitment, emotional courage, and experience with personal growth.

This is an inside out approach complete with experiential activities and personal growth assignments. Together we assess your life and your outcomes, consider different modalities, and then you make decisions and commitments to move toward positive change and balance. As your strategist, I provide honest feedback, ask questions to invoke awareness and self-discovery, lead you through various processes, teach you new skills as needed, and facilitate clarity, Self trust and self honor, while providing ongoing support and a structured framework for your success.


* The willingness to take responsibility for yourself and your life
* The willingness to look within and be honest with yourself
* The desire to create a meaningful, fulfilling and abundant life
* The willingness to grow and change
* The courage to experiment
* The strength to make a decision

Why do you need a coach?

* I encourage you to do more and go farther than you could on your own
* provides structure and accountability to ensure progress
* provide a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment
* provide encouragement, motivation, insight
* provides specific tools and exercises that will help you overcome barriers to your growth
* to release any old patterns or blockages
* to empower the new and
* support your unique Self expression!

“Your tenacity to demand more of me than I would expect of myself or others has caused me to surpass my own limiting beliefs and live a life setting new standards, the result is my exponential success and continued growth. ”
Ciarre,  Lawton, Oklahoma

yourcoach1Warning! Serious side effects may occur!

* Significance…Increased career and financial prosperity
* Certainty… living and enjoying life, loving yourself even more!
* Adventure…Improved health, fitness and energy levels
* Connection…Healthier relationships
* Growth…Courage to move forward and stand for your truth
* Contribution…Living in gratitude and forgiveness
* Improved communication skills

Remember the moments that changed your life forever…
Another one is coming!
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Why Coaching?


Vision Action Results

The life coach’s mission is to use his or her expertise to help clients achieve various personal and professional goals as they pertain to finances, career, relationships, health or any other area of life. Just as a personal trainer raises standards for accelerated results in the body, a life coach challenges and supports clients while holding them accountable for their performance. A life coach strives to help clients improve skills, competencies and confidence to ultimately achieve the personal or professional success they desire.

Peak performance coaching is now gaining new acclaim across the board as success stories continue to unfold. Many high achievers consider coaching instrumental in reaching the sizeable goals they set for themselves. 

Why Lisa Christiansen Coaching?

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Dr. Lisa Christiansen has spent almost 20 years studying patterns of success, and has passed them on to 10 of the world’s top coaches. With the Lisa Christiansen Coaching program, you will put into action incredible strategies of focus, training, and accountability. Get on a path toward definitive achievement today!