The Oklahoma based successful Peak Performance Strategist and Doctor of exercise and nutritional sciences Dr. Lisa Christiansen has founded and funds two non-profit charity organizations; the "Lisa Christiansen Foundation" and the "Take Action Foundation".

The "Lisa Christiansen Foundation" was founded by Dr. Lisa Christiansen in the year 2006 with an intention to create an experience of joy for low-income children by providing a holiday meal for their entire family.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen is committed to helping children. Through her basket brigade, implementing educational programs, researching cancer methodologies and love, Dr. Lisa Christiansen intends to make a huge impact on this world. Through this foundation Dr. Lisa Christiansen has fed thousands of children around the holidays with giant baskets of food during the holidays for the past 8 years. Dr. Lisa Christiansen along with the "Lisa Christiansen Foundation" will feed 1,800 families on November 28, 2007 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen also founded "Take Action Foundation" to support the search for alternative cures for cancer, emphasizing a non-traditional, holistic approach to a cancer patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

This foundation was formed to educate the public and doctors about the benefits of fighting cancer holistically. The "Take Action Foundation" is in the process of assembling as many methodologies and practitioners as possible to form a collective voice, which will be presented to the public thus creating a massive impact.

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About Dr. Lisa Christiansen:

lisa2Dr. Lisa Christiansen is an Oklahoma based successful Peak Performance Strategist, Doctor of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences with a degree in psychology. Dr. Lisa Christiansen has helped millions of people Create extraordinary lives globally.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen is also committed to expanding educational programs for children all over the world and helping to find non-traditional and holistic treatments for Cancer.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen is committed to helping children. The "Take Action Foundation’s" core mission and initiatives have been developed towards improving the quality of children’s lives both locally and globally.

Dr. Christiansen founded and funds The "Lisa Christiansen Foundation" . Through this foundation Lisa has fed many of Lawton’s children around the holidays with giant baskets of food. Dr. Christiansen has also committed to establishing educational programs for children through this foundation. She feels a lot of school systems fail to educate completely in the areas of relationships, emotional mastery, health and finance.