Infinity Plus L.L.C.

Dr. Christiansen founded and funds “Infinity Plus L.L.C.”. This Company was formed to educate the public and doctors about the benefits of fighting cancer holistically.

“My mission and my passion is to serve the needs of you, your loved ones and a nation as a whole. Bringing together a healthier world through proper nutrition as a lifestyle change, keeping in mind your busy schedule with time as your most valuable commodity I am here to reveal to you the tools you already possess to make this decision and take control of your future today. Through a few simple steps of hydration, nutraceuticals, and proper elimination you will discover a new you!”

Take Action Foundation

Dr. Christiansen founded and funds The “Take Action Foundation”. Through this foundation Lisa has fed many of Lawton’s children around the holidays with giant baskets of food.  Dr. Christiansen has also committed to establishing educational programs for children through this foundation. She feels a lot of school systems fail to educate completely in the areas of relationships, emotional mastery, health and finance.

Colonial Renovations

Welcome to McHolland Tree Experts, the area's leading tree removal and tree care specialists. When McHolland Tree Experts come to your Home our primary goal is to make your landscape beautiful. We are tree experts and love what we do. If you have feature trees that are struggling, we are experts on achieving your outcome. We take a scientific approach that combines soil sampling with an above ground analysis to establish a detailed program tailored to serving your needs.

Lisa Christiansen Companies

Serenity a Lisa Christiansen Company is a local establishment that offers services for women from all walks of life to improve themselves and to improve their quality of life. They also provide educational programs as well as researching health and wellness methodologies. Because Serenity seeks to empower women and provide them with skills and resources to improve their lives. “I’ve been blessed in my life and wanted to contribute to an organization that really makes an impact on the lives of women and children” said Christiansen. “From my work as a counselor in private practice and with local non-profit agencies, I see the value of empowering a woman which can improve the lives of their children.

Serenity’s current project is starting Lawton’s first annual Bicycle Brigade. It is the start of a service project that Dr. Lisa Christine Christiansen has funded with her own money. "I went in Wal-Mart one afternoon and bought the food for a woman struggling to pay for the groceries in her cart, the kids were grabbing my legs," Christiansen said. "The mom started crying, and the kids started crying. That’s when I decided to do this in a bigger way. Each year we aim to double the number of bicycles delivered. Next year the goal is 200,000.00” said Christiansen.

This year, Dr. Lisa Christine Christiansen has distributed 100,000.00 in bicycles filled with food and toys to needy area families.

"They help us cover more of our families for the holidays," said Leah Stout a counselor at New Directions which is a local center for battered women. Stout has worked with Dr. Christiansen for the past 5 years.

Back in April, while in Oklahoma City, Dr. Christiansen thought "How could I do something outstanding today to make a difference in someone’s life? Let's do something good; let's buy food for a family" instead of going to a movie after lunch. Dr. Christiansen went into Wal-Mart and asked a woman who was in obvious need of assistance to help shop for a family because Christiansen did not know what to get for someone not vegan. The woman did not realize she was shopping for herself. She cried and said “I prayed for food to feed my children until my check came in, isn’t God great.”We had fun going shopping, A child crying in gratitude is life-changing. It was for me. As I have become more involved, I’ve been excited about being more charitable" said Christiansen.

Dr. Christiansen does not request financial donations for the giffts. "We’ve been fortunate financially," she said.

The experience transforms the giver and receiver, Dr. Christiansen said.

She hopes to build scholarships and develop health, nutrition, relationship and entrepreneurship classes for local women. Dr. Christiansen’s foundation, Take Action, will be moving forward on these initiatives in the next year or so, she said.


To become a Bicycle Brigade volunteer, visit Serenity, or call Dr. Lisa Christine Christiansen at 580-284-8522 or Ms. Caitlin Jones, Vice President of Lisa Christiansen Companies at 858-220-6115

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Lisa Christine Christiansen